Wassup Rockers


I guess for the most part I will be talking about music. I’m not really one to shun any specific genres, but I know most about indie pop and rock. And when I say indie, I’m not referring to independent music. A lot of the music I like is on major labels. Or if they’re on indies now, I’m sure many of these groups I like will jump to a major eventually.

I recently got into a lot of Latin-American musicians and artists, so I decided to name my blog to sort of reflect that. To be honest, though, I think Wassup Rockers is just an okay movie.

I will be posting songs and vids.  It’s all just for shits and giggles and if you really dig this stuff, you should definitely try to buy this stuff!  It’s nice to support the musicians, the people who write and produce, the people who manufacture the albums, those who design the artwork, the lawyers who try to protect the artists’ best interests, the mail delivery folks and those in online/real life music stores (and plenty of people in between) who help you get the music you love.

Anyway, I hope you like my blog.

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