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The Redemption of Julieta Venegas?

I got into Julieta Venegas pretty late in the game, when the “Lento” video was released, and I still haven’t checked out her old stuff very well. But I’m perfectly aware that many of her older fans felt cheated when she released . Her music used to be more moody, but all of a sudden she fell in love and she changed her look (no complaining about that, she’s fucking hot) and she started writing super happy pop songs with this dude Coti, who helped pen her big hits on . I really love that album, but having heard bits of Aquí, I do feel a bit disappointed that her sound changed so much, especially because her old sound was so badass.

Anyway, I heard “Me voy,” her first single from Limón y Sal, and I was pretty bummed. It’s like, I love pop songs, but why make it so damn anemic? It’s such a lazy composition compared to “Lento.” Her second single, “Limón y sal” was released and that one was pretty terrible too. I figured if the two singles were so damn bad, why should I bother buying the album? Well, Julieta just released her latest single, “Eres para mí,” and all I can say is DAMN.

Or maybe I should say sorry instead?

This song is so fucking good. It’s clearly a post- track, most reminiscent of “A tu lado,” but at the same time, it has that bite that reminds me she’s not a fucking wuss. Even more impressive is her partner-in-crime, a chick named Anita Tijoux. I admit it, after the first two singles, I wouldn’t have given this one a chance if I hadn’t found out that Anita is Chilean.

It’s the first time I’ve heard of Anita Tijoux and I’m seriously impressed. I obviously have to research her a bit more. From what I gather, she’s been doing the music thing for a while now. She used to be in a rap group or something, but I think now she’s a pop singer-songwriter, but she doesn’t seem to be as saccharine as Coti. In “Eres para mí,” she raps. Anyway, this is the most exciting thing I’ve heard from Julieta Venegas in a while, and I hope she keeps working with Anita Tijoux.

A few Julieta Venegas tracks:

De mis pasos” from Aquí (1997)

A tu lado” from (2003)

Eres para mí” from Limón y Sal (2006)

Sorry, I don’t have any tracks from Bueninvento!


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