Wassup Rockers

No Neckface.

About a week ago I was walking down Lafayette to take the train on Houston, right? So I’m walking, walking, AND COME TO A DEAD STOP. What happened was that I saw this hugeass billboard that said “NECKFACE IS UGLY” and it featured, I dunno, Neckface-isms, y’know, all those sinister-looking creatures he creates when he’s not too busy tagging up the streets and feels like being a fucking artiste. To put a cherry on top, on the bottom right corner of the billboard was a nice clear “Vans” logo.

I didn’t mind lookin’ at the thing, cos hey, how many companies pay people to put ugly creatures on their billboards? It’s usually half naked young women anyway, and it’s like, how many cookie-cutter looking girls can I stare at before I get tired of it? At the same time, of course, one term came to mind.


I guess people my age have a vague notion of “sellout,” and honestly I don’t mind that, oh, Neckface might want some cash money for rent or paint or food. But when I saw the billboard I knew that plenty of people would be pissed about it, too.

Which brings us back to today, when I found myself walking down Lafayette to take the train on Houston again, right? So I’m walking, walking, and I found myself stopping again. There it was: the billboard was splashed in paint. All those ugly little creature were wearing a coat of white paint. I wonder when it happened. Maybe it was already like that when I first saw the billboard? Cos it was dark when I was walking around there. I can’t remember, though, I really can’t.

But it’s like, how obvious could these kids get? I was telling my friend about it a few days ago and I was like, “I wonder how long it’ll take for someone to splash paint all over the ad.” It’s not even that I called it. Getting all agimatated over one’s underground darling and counterattacking by splashing paint all over the work… it’s just a typical reaction, isn’t it?

Neckface will now be seen as an American Banksy. I mean, if he wasn’t already. What do I know.

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