Wassup Rockers


A mish mash of things I’ve learned recently:

Simón Díaz
I’m so dumb. I seriously thought this Simón Díaz song I had was called “El alacrán.” It’s been registering on my Audioscrobbler (er, Last.fm) as “El alacrán” forever. I get the feeling I liked the title because it reminds me of this short story I read a while back, “El alacrán de Fray Gómez,” by Ricardo Palma. Don’t even ask me why, because they’re not related at all and I don’t even think the short story writer is Venezuelan.

There’s this TV ad with people having parties, and the song that plays on the background is fantastic. I wondered if it was just some track that session musicians came up with for the commercial, but I thought the song was too good to be written just for this ad. I figured it was some new indie band hoping to cash in. Well, I was wrong, it was totally a Buzzcocks track, “Everybody’s Happy Nowadays.” If you couldn’t tell, I don’t really listen to this band, though I should.

So there’s this song called “Ni Freud ni tu mamá” (click here for the vid, which has ONLY gotten about 400,000+ hits). It is an incredibly LOL-worthy title, I know, and it’s the one song I’ve heard by Belinda that doesn’t make me want to puke.  In fact, it reminds me of this other young lady who got her start on kids’ TV shows and is trying to transition into a more mature pop sound. I’m really impressed and I hope her transition to becoming a grown-up pop star won’t be too painful. I do think she’s just a manufactured piece of trash but if she really tries hard she may be able to make good music. Anyway, they were showing the video for her song on TV again, and I realized that Raven-Symoné is TOTALLY in this video, shaking her chunky self with all the sass she was born with.  CHEETAH GIRLS 4EVA!

And some follow-ups to my previous posts:

Bell Biv Devoe
That song that made everyone go apeshit at the Mos Def show was Bell Biv DeVoe‘s “Poison.” I had to lurk around and ask someone because I’d never heard this group. I was looking for the song because it sounded really good at the show, and I just wanted to verify the song really was GOOD. But listening to it now, I’m like, “Wow, crappy 90s production.” The good parts are still good but it’s hard to listen to when the production is so cheesy and tinny-sounding. Sometimes that shit works, but the song has to be AMAZING too, and I think “Poison” is just good but nothing that’s gonna change my life. But yeah, I had a feeling that Mos Def was performing a cover song. He made it sound really good, so props in that respect.

I listened to Anita Tijoux’s old rap group, Makiza, and they are EXCELLENT. I love that she was an integral part of the group, not some pretty chick just adding sung choruses.

Jawbreaker and Jawbox
I caved because I really needed to figure out which band I like better. And the winner is… JAWBOX! Though I’ve realized that they weren’t that much more aggro than Jawbreaker, they just sound a bit darker to me. Plus, they totally covered Tori Amos‘s “Cornflake Girl” (see vid here). Fuck, whatever, I still love Rites of Spring best.

Some hot jams:

Makiza – “La rosa de los vientos” from Aerolineas.
Simón Díaz – “El alcaraván
Rites of Spring – “Deeper Than Inside” from End on End.


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