Wassup Rockers

I Should Be So Lucky

I’ve been thinking about all the really huge popstars I really love, and I asked myself who I’d love to see live if money was no issue and I could get the best seats since popstars play such huge venues and all. I really surprised myself because I realized I NEVER want to see Madonna live. For some reason it really doesn’t sound like much fun at all, which is strange because I really love her music. I know, it really doesn’t make sense.

People I’d want to see most:
(1) Shakira
(2) Kylie Minogue
(3) Sugababes (er, Heidi/Keisha/Mutya)
(4) Mariah Carey

And if she were alive, Selena would probably be on the Top 5. Actually, I wouldn’t mind seeing Mýa live, I bet the dance bits would be amazing.

Other people I will never get to see live: Björk, My Chemical Romance. What a fucking bummer, yo! On the other hand, I can’t handle beeing at concerts anymore. Sigh.


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