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So the Oscars are tonight. Am I excited? Not really. I haven’t watched most of the movies nominated though I’ve been jonesing to see Children of Men and Pan’s Labyrinth. I knew that Shortbus wasn’t gonna get nominated for anything but I’m pretty pissed that Volver wasn’t nominated for Best Foreign Film. Seriously, I am holding a grudge and it would have been a bigger grudge if it hadn’t been for the fact that Ryan Gosling totally got nominated for Half Nelson. Best person to have come out of the New Mickey Mouse Club.

Don’t argue with me that the best person out of MMC is Justin Timberlake because I don’t like the way he handled the “wardrobe malfunction” situation, and I’m not gonna go with Christina Aguilera either, just because her Dirrty-era antics were trashy and ridiculous. Plus, that whole Spanish album thing was so ridiculous to me.

Of course, we won’t even discuss Britney Spears. The woman needs a long rest, c’est tout.

Wow, totally getting sidetracked. Okay, so here are my annotated guesses for the wins in the major categories, and it’s not who I think should win:

Best Picture – The Departed
A lot of people hate Babel, they think it’s Crash 2: Out of LA and Around the World and god knows a shitload of people were upset about Crash winning, so I’m sure these Babel-haters are doing whatever they can to campaign against the movie. I think a lot of people would split over the other three movies. I choose The Departed because I don’t think people are willing to give Scorcese a best director Oscar so they’ll try to make up for it by giving him best film.

Best Director – Clint Eastwood
People really love the dude. I don’t think it’ll go to Scorcese because I think people don’t want to “settle” for The Departed, I mean, they lost their chance for Raging Bull and whatever.

Best Actor – Forest Whitaker
It might go to Peter O’Toole, though! People really love this dude too!

Best Actress – Helen Mirren
Why is this woman so damn foxy?

Best Supporting Actor – Alan Arkin
Eddie Murphy screwed himself with that Norbit bullshit. If the ballots had been due earlier (before the movie’s release) I wouldn’t doubt his win, but I’ll give it to Arkin cos he totally co-wrote “The Banana Boat Song”.

Best Supporting Actress – Jennifer Hudson
I think it’s to make up for the lack of big noms for Dreamgirls, though for some reason I get the vibe that she might be “punished” that way I think Murphy will, but for different reasons that I can’t verbalize.

Best Foreign Language Film – Pan’s Labyrinth
Okay, yeah, this is a movie I wish would win. But I also sort of want Water to win cos god damn! They got death threats for making that movie. :/

Best Original Screenplay – Little Miss Sunshine
I think people will give this award to the movie to make up for not giving the Best Picture award.

Best Adapted Screenplay – Little Children
Tom Perrotta’s cool! Not all novelists can adapt their works into film well and I hear he did a particularly good job.

As I said, I admit I haven’t watched many of these movies, but seriously, Hollywood is 1 part politics and 1 part business and 1 part art, so I wouldn’t be surprised if people in the Academy don’t even watch the movies and pick for their friends. It’s like, it doesn’t matter how unexpected the winner may be, at the parties, everyone greets the winner with “I knew you were gonna win!”

Ugh, the Oscars are such bullshit, I swear. I hope Ellen DeGeneres doesn’t suck, I like her a lot.


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