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Oscar Review

See? Even people who don’t watch a lot of movies can guess the winners, for the most part. But srsly, Scorcese?? Anyone smell a pity vote? Also, I’m not surprised about The Lives of Others, I hear it’s a fantastic movie.

(+) Best Picture – The Departed
(-) Best Director – Clint Eastwood -> Scorcese won
(+) Best Actor – Forest Whitaker
(+) Best Actress – Helen Mirren
(+) Best Supporting Actor – Alan Arkin
(+) Best Supporting Actress – Jennifer Hudson
(-) Best Foreign Language Film – Pan’s Labyrinth -> The Lives of Others
(+) Best Original Screenplay – Little Miss Sunshine
(+) Best Adapted Screenplay – Little Children -> The Departed won

A few notes about the show:

a/ That nominees bit in the beginning surprised me because it showed me how male-dominated the movie industry STILL is.
b/ Just when you think Jack muthatouchin’ Nicholson can’t get creepier, he shaves his fucking head. I just don’t know what to say.
c/ Tonight’s eye candy: Helen Mirren (of course), Ryan Gosling, Kate Winslet, an unexpected Rashida Jones, Penélope Cruz, Hugh Jackman, and Catherine Deneuve!! Holy moly. Lookin’ rough: Philip Seymour Hoffman, Gael García Bernal (gotta fix that hair, sry2say), Kirsten Dunst’s dress was so unflattering.
d/ Um, what was with all that subdued emotion shit? Everyone had their papers ready or they was sorta expecting the award. The only person who seemed truly fucking happy and surprised was the director for The Lives of Others. Seriously, what the fuck.
e/ Will Smith’s kid has the biggest head this side of Dakota Fanning, that’s all I’m saying.
f/ Least favorite film montage: That “God Bless America” bullshit. It’s one of the most diverse Oscars ever and you pull that bullshit? How do you think it makes all the foreign film makers feel when you’re busy glorifying America?
g/ Nice to see the lesbian ladies representin’! Bee tee dubs, I think Ellen was just okay tonight.

ONTD‘s coverage of the Oscars


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