Wassup Rockers

Hi Again.

Holy muthafuckin, I’m glad no one reads this because then I didn’t feel pressure to keep up everyday. Ever since like, five years ago I decided to try and write once a day, and when blogs got popular, I thought this was my chance to do this properly. Just to practice writing.

Anyway, I haven’t died or naught (if you couldn’t tell), it’s just that real life grabbed me by the neck and wouldn’t let go. And then I got the flu this past weekend and I’m finally shaking that off.

The great news is that I finally gave Babasónicos a better listen and I’m smitten. I downloaded Jessico a while back but today was the day I really decided to pay attention and I’m glad they don’t suck. A lot of times I hear about really venerated bands and I’m totally bummed by what I see or hear.

In other, unrelated news, I was shocked to see that one of my local Spanish channels was showing a Gloria Trevi concert special… I tuned in right when she was doing “Dr. Psiquiatra,” which I seriously consider to be a sharply written, catchy-as-hell song. The only problem was that this concert special was a current affair and not from the 90s. It was terrifying. You know how it is with aging pop stars and rockers… They do the same old moves that drove the kids crazy, but the spark is missing, they’re going through the motions cos they just wanna get paid.

I watched the Gloria Trevi special with a mixture of horror and fascination. It’s like, she was trying so hard to conjure up the magic that just emanated from her pores, but it’s not the same. Also, I couldn’t stop staring at the woman’s face… She’s had a lot a lot a lot of surgery. She doesn’t even look like Gloria Trevi la atrevida, she looks like Gloria Trevi who got wrapped up in a prostitution ring scandal and was jailed in Brazil for years before she was finally acquitted. It was tragic but I couldn’t stop watching. They would show the faces of her fans who were so excited and singing along, and I wished I was as enthusiastic as they were. It made me so sad.

Speaking of washed up artists, Michael Jackson apparently went to Japan so that fans could give him money and he could just chill waving hi WITHOUT EVEN PERFORMING. What a rip-off! At least we know how desperate he is; I guess he really is as bankrupt as people say.

Music that hasn’t disappointed me besides Babasónicos: Makiza and Aterciopelados. I just found out Aterciopelados are playing this weekend in NYC but it’s a 21+ show. I weep.

Anyway, here are some tracks:

Babasónicos – “Fizz” from Jessico.

Aterciopelados – “Buena estrella” from La Pipa de La Paz.

Makiza – “La Chupaya” from Vida Salvaje.

Gloria Trevi – “Dr. Psiquiatra” from ¿Qué Hago Aquí?


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