Wassup Rockers

Quero Amor Sincero.

Oh shit, I was so excited about writing one of those “I’M BACK BITCH(ES)” posts that I forgot about the really exciting song that has entered my life and made it marginally happier.

So there’s this dude, Tim Maia. If you’re Brazilian you probably know about him already. Or if you’ve watched Cidade de Deus, you’ve heard his music.

I heard the soundtrack to the movie way before I watched the damn thing, and once I heard his song, my mind was blown! On the soundtrack it is titled “No caminho do bem,” and it comes right at the end, so I pretty much waited the entire movie to hear the song. (Er, the movie was awesome too, of course, in its own soul-sucking sort of way.)

Recently I got an itch to know more about this guy, I seriously thought he was someone like Seu Jorge, making his mark in the music world NOW, but I realized Tim Maia has been around a long time. Like, he’s been around for so long that when he first showed up in the scene, “funk” meant like American funk and not like “funk carioca” (or what Americans generally call “baile funk”), the latter of which is mostly a phenomenon out of Rio.

My method of researching this dude meant that I went on Soulseek (I know, I’m terrible) and instead of downloading his millions of albums, I just chose the ones that had interesting titles. I learned that “No caminho do bem” is the wrong title; it’s “O caminho do bem,” but I think it’s written incorrectly on the soundtracks so I don’t feel so bad. Plus it totally does sound like, “no” instead of “o.”

WHATEVER, the point is that one of the songs that piqued my interest was called “Não quero dinheiro (só quero amar).” I thought it was a cute song title. But once I listened to the song, I couldn’t stop pressing play again. This is really a song that needs no translation: it’s rare when the words and the music to a song fit each other so well. It’s so uplifting and happy I can’t take it. I just want to play the shit out of this song it’s so damn beautiful.

Ummm. No, I don’t think I’m overreacting. Give it a try.

Tim Maia – “O caminho do bem

Tim Maia – “Não quero dinheiro (só quero amar)

On a semi-related note, go to this awesome post from Motel de Moka for some hot Brazilian jamzzz. Good shit.


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