Wassup Rockers

Coming Up…

You know, the one album I’ve been waiting for is the new Calle 13, which was originally supposed to come out today.  But it had been so quiet that I got suspicious, and I found out it got pushed to April.  April!  I actually got upset.  I mean, it’s not like the stupid Arcade Fire album is gonna hold me over, you know?

Okay, so I’ve only heard a few of the songs on Neon Bible, but c’mon, that shit is so unimpressive!  To be honest, what bothered me most was the freaking production.  It all sounds so distant.

By the way, I finally learned that wordpress uses a different tag to embed youtube videos.  So you can bet that this blog with be shitting out youtube vids left and right from now on.  Woohoo…!


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