Wassup Rockers

News to Me.

Have you ever found out something that sort of shook your world silly and you didn’t know what to think anymore?

It happened to me recently. It was… I just didn’t know what to do. I think I just screamed out loud.

I feel so silly fessing up to this, but I realized I’d been saying Jonathan Lethem‘s name incorrectly. I’m ultimately glad, of course (thanks, Lindsayism!) but when I first found out I’m pretty sure I cursed God and his mother and everything that is in the world.

I just don’t like pronouncing people’s names incorrectly, it makes people feel shitty. I know he doesn’t know me, but I feel like if you have read someone’s work and liked it enough to call yourself a fan, you shouldn’t spend about five muthafuckin’ years mispronouncing the dude’s name, right? This is the most shocking thing that has happened to me in terms of names after finding out how to pronounce “Buscemi”!

Another thing that made me go “Whoa” was that Annie used a sample in her song “No Easy Love,” which is one of my favorites. I guess this isn’t very shocking since musicians sample shit all the time, unless you’re like me and ignant about a lot of music shit. I had no idea who the performer was, but it’s this band called Shakatak. Anyway, I downloaded the song to see what it was like. Cos sometimes you just get a short loop but other times they use the whole mutha touchin’ song, right? Well, the Shakatak song is pretty awesome, but of course, I love love love Annie so I can’t say no to the more recent song.

Shakatak – “Easier Said Than Done
Annie – “No Easy Love


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