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Spring break is over and I have class in 3 hours. I have not finished my homework. I didn’t get any work done what with getting the flu and then going to work for the rest of the week. Okay, so I wasted a lot of time watching TV. But hey, I couldn’t say no to Maid in Manhattan, y’know? I admit it, I thought it was sorta cute. Except there was this one line the dude says to J. Lo, he’s all like, “You’re mesmerizing,” and I just cracked up. Oohh boy, you wouldn’t believe how long I laughed after he said that.

The other thing I did a lot this break was watching YouTube videos. Since YouTube has been in a bit of legal trouble, a lot of their videos have gotten pulled down and I decided to redo my favorites section. It’s so geeky to even explain all of this, I know. Anyway, the whole point of this is to tell you that I almost cried watching this Dolly Parton video.

Or what about this Gianni Morandi video? This one’s a total weeper too.

It really helped that it had both the Italian and the Portuguese, I got to understand the song’s lyrics a bit better. Then again, who’s looking at the lyrics, right? Gianni Morandi is such a ~*HOTTIE*~

Gianni Morandi – “In Ginocchio da te

Gianni Morandi – “Non Son Degno di te

Dolly Parton – “I Will Always Love You

Dolly Parton – “Jolene


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