Wassup Rockers

Unlikely But True.

I don’t think I’ve mentioned it on this blog yet, but I am obsessed with the New York Public Library. I love that shit.

Well for some reason I wanted to hear some Tego Calderón so I tried to download El Subestimado but people kept banning me cos I refuse to share (haha, I’m such an ass). But then it occurred to me maybe I should go to the library and they totally had the album! It’s a mad nice copy, too!

And y’all know what I’m gonna do?? SHARE!

Well, just a couple of tracks…  And neither of them sound like reggaetón, hahaha.  I chose “Chillin'” cos I love Don Omar.  Well…  truth is, I don’t make an effort to seek out his music, but I love his voice.  Everything he utters sounds so fucking histrionic and I think that’s really representative of reggaetón–shit that’s overly dramatic.  I also chose “A mi papá” cos the song is pretty, maintenant it’s my favorite Tego song maybe.

Tego Calderón (con Don Omar) – “Chillin’

Tego Calderón – “A mi papá


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