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Well, it’s not like you asked, but I’ll tell you: The Starting Line‘s cover of J. Lo‘s “I’m Real” is nowhere near as good as their cover of Björk‘s “Big Time Sensuality.” Why am I even surprised? It’s not like the original “I’m Real” was any good.

In other news (it was news to me anyways), I totally thought that Kano the grime rapper did a song called “I’m Ready,” but it ended up that it was Kano the italo disco group. The song is still awesome, though. I was just disappointed because I think Kano the grime rapper is a QT3.14. BTW, I have no idea what the fuck “italo disco” means, I’m only using it cos every other blogger is using that term. Maybe you can find out for me what it means. What exactly makes Italian disco unique? Is it meaninless like saying “Swedish rock”?

Kano (the italo disco kids) – “I’m Ready

Kano (the grime rapper) – “Boys Love Girls

The Starting Line – “I’m Real

The Starting Line – “Big Time Sensuality


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