Wassup Rockers

¿No Lo Ves?

Yesterday I was at my friends’ apartment and my token hip-hop friend started blasting the Spanish version of “Irreplaceable.”

So during the “to the left, to the left” part my girl friend asks, “What’s she saying?”

“‘Ya lo ves, ya lo ves.'”

“‘You already see it?’ Why is she saying that?”

And I’m like “Uhh… ‘a la izquierda, a la izquierda’ doesn’t fit well.”

Strange, I know, since Beyoncé has a tendency to sing really wordy songs.

Anyway, the song was actually a remix version… in a norteño style!!! CAN I GET A WTF ANYONE? At first I was like, “Why does this sound like a third-rate Selena song…” Yikes, the remix was pretty painful to hear, less because it sounded bad but more in concept.

I mean, What up, Beyoncé? You’re not rich enough? Do you understand the meaning of overexposure? I wish she’d take a breather or something, you know, go to Popeye’s or shit like that. At least for like a year. I mean, how much more famous does she want to get? She’s one of the few bona fide stars around and she just wants more more more. Bitch calm down already! Maybe if you rested a little your music would be more impressive and we as an audience wouldn’t have to tolerate three crappy singles to get THE REALLY GOOD ONE.

The fact that she wants to profit on the Spanish-speaking population is pathetic. Hey lady! If we don’t got the money we’re not gonna pay, if we do, we already got your stupid album! Hello?!?! We loved J. Lo (and her behind) way before she released her all-Spanish album*. And you don’t see us abandoning Shakira just cos she’s doing the English thing, do you? There’s no need to record in Spanish cos (1) your accent ain’t all that and (2) we Spanish-speaking peoples have been tolerating Anglo music more than gladly ever since popular music got started, so seriously, whatever!

I’m just sayin’.

Totally unrelated: I’m pretty sure HAELER showed up in my neighborhood. Well, at least he (she?) got to my train station, haha. It was just shocking to see a tag in my neighborhood that I recognized.

*Well, we loved J. Lo more circa On The 6 and/or Selena but that’s beside the point, the point is that she works primarily in English and we don’t hate her for that. If you want a more informed opinion on her first Spanish release you should check out La Onda Tropical‘s take.


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