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Patrick Wolf @ Studio B

I went to see Patrick Wolf at Studio B last night. It was one of the funnest shows I’ve been to in a while. I actually can’t remember the last show I was at, and it makes me sad. Wait, no, it was Mos Def, wasn’t it? Shit, sometimes it’s good to have a blog so that I can remember things.

I’d been meaning to wean myself off concert-going, but yesterday I remembered all the good things that I loved about going to shows. I was so tired and all day I just wanted to take a nap but it was fairly worth it. There were a few things that sucked about last night but for the most part it was a pretty sweet show and the music was excellent.

The Bad Parts:

– No opener band listed, but they showed up anyway. I’m using the term “band” is the loosest sense possible. They were called Dreamburger and I refuse to link them and I suggest you don’t bother googling them, because they were really just truly awful. They were just three girls who seriously looked like they’d started their band act two weeks earlier, with band rehearsals that consisted of bitching about how wasted they were from last night’s party instead of actually practicing. I was surprised that they had more than three songs. I’m using the term “song” in the loosest sense possible. For a bit I thought I’d cut them some slack because I thought, “Well, I guess they’re enjoying themselves, and they’re not backing down from the heckling, which I respect.” BUT THEN… they decided to unleash a motherfucking dembow beat to rap over. YES. I’M USING THE TERM “RAP” IN THE LOOSEST SENSE POSSIBLE. That’s when I turned dead fuckin serious. Their set officially turned into a minstrel show. Okay, so you wanna use a dembow beat, that’s okay cos it’s a cool beat and all the kids are trying it out these days, but you had to be rappin about “papis” and shit? These are the sort of kids who go to the muthafuckin Kill Whitey parties because they’re scared the “big black scary dudes” at real hip-hop parties are gonna try to rub up against them. Don’t ask me why it took me until that point to get angry, the whole thing was just terrible. I seriously wanted these girls to GTFO.

I do feel a li’l bit bad about heckling them so much though. Damn, sometimes I wish I didn’t have a conscience.

– Doors were supposed to be at 10 but we waited for a longass time. Like maybe half an hour? Of course it wouldn’t have been so bad if it hadn’t been so cold. At least the staff tried to keep us calm and were nice.

– We had a sort of MC girl who actually introduced Patrick and everything. Such a useless job.

– Patrick Wolf’s set was really short. Like maybe the opening band and Patrick had the same amount of time on stage. What a muthafuckin cocktease. The next time he comes around it better be a full show.

The Good Parts:

– It was nice to see Patrick Wolf now, fully formed into this persona of AWESOME. Absolute command on the stage, but very amicable, too. And he totally milked the ambiguously gay shit to his full advantage. He played really good shit, a mix of Wind in the Wires shit and Magic Position shit. Also, the encore was a disco song and it was jamming. Oh yeah, and he totally did this whole “I’m bringing sexy back” ad lib to one of his songs. AHHH IT WAS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE. After waiting so long, I felt so damn satisfied to have fulfilled this dream of finally seeing this dude up on stage prancing and singing. Oh, and props to the backing band! They were wonderful and the sound was excellent!!

– A lot of kids danced along and cheered and knew all the words even to the older songs. Usually I’m a prick about people and I’m like, “Ew STFU you n00bs I’ve loved ____ before you were born,” etc. But I genuinely felt like I wasn’t the only one who was waiting impatiently for this dude to show up, it felt like everyone had been waiting multiple years as well!! And so many of the kids were funny and nice and just overall awesome. We bonded during the opening set and for the most part we were all looking out for each other and just having fun. Seriously, one of the few shows where the kids were for the most part really awesome and there for the music. One of my friends pointed out it’s because people let go of trying to act too cool for school and just had fun. The ratio of girls to gay guys to straight guys was pretty much 1:1:0. The level of sassy at Studio B was off the motherfucking charts.

– The DJs playing between sets were off the hook!! The Studio B site says that the DJs were The Bangers and Eamon Harkin. The music was so good; it was dance-y electronic music but not pounding in an overwhelming way until it drove you crazy.

Here are some older tracks by Patrick Wolf that I love:

Patrick Wolf – “A Boy Like Me” from Lycanthropy.

Patrick Wolf – “Tristan” from Wind in the Wires.

Also, here’s a track that features a dembow beat, which is the beat used in the majority of reggaetón tracks.  I love Ivy Queen!!

Ivy Queen – “Te he querido, te he llorado


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