Wassup Rockers

Already Over.

Um, wow. Wow to the nth power. I spent the last 7 hours or so watching clips of The White Rapper Show on the VH1 site and it was awesome. I know I’m like 6 million years behind on this shit but I’m sorry, some of us actually live in the ghetto* and don’t have cable, aight? Whatevs, hope to splurge on the DVD maybe because the show was hilarious. The production was just really cool, and they got some awesome people to come on board and show up on episodes. Also! I learned Marc Ecko is white! SHOCKED!!

Sorta related: Okay, so I love Sasha Frere-Jones, right? And then I see a picture of the dude and I was like, “Um, what? He’s… white???” Anyways, I couldn’t understand why I was so shocked to find out he was white or why I thought he was black in the first place. Then a couple of months later, I realized I’d been confusing the dude with Sacha Jenkins**!!! OH HAIL NAW!!! I know, I’m so embarrassed.

Anyways, The White Rapper Show was really good, really funny, really insightful. Though I wish at least one of the people on the show could have freestyled well. God, every time they were put on the spot, they all got mad awkward. Another thing, John Brown’s “Hallelujah, holla back” shit is the most annoying overused phrase by a wack dude since I saw this interview with Tito “El Bambino” who kept going, “Tito ‘El Bambino’ TOP O’ THE LINE.” I didn’t care where Tito’s fucking line was at and I didn’t care about hollering back to fucking John Brown. GAWD! Got on my nerves.

Also, that weird sexual tension between John Brown and his “friend” was hilarious, sad, and disturbing all at the same time. Come out John Brown! No shame! I’m sure you’re a top! More commentary on JB’s friend at the Television Without Pity forum.

My favorites were $ham and Persia, I guess.

* Um, I’m technically in the North Bronx, so I’m not that ghetto. But there’s a Kennedy Fried Chicken near me so I figure it still counts a li’l bit.

** I love Sacha Jenkins too. It was so stupid of me to confuse them.


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