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Tourette’s is Just One Big Lifetime of Tag, Really.

This is the post where I fess up and tell you that I have a thing for novelty records. Like that one blog that posted up Bill Cosby Talks to Kids About Drugs a long time ago? Oh yeah, I totally downloaded that shit before the blog got into legal trouble and had to take it down. But that’s beside the point.

My point is that I was at the Salon site recently, a site I don’t check out too often, and as I was browsing through their Audiofile section, I noticed these “great literary podcasts” on the right column. And then I gasped because (a) they had an excerpt of Motherless Brooklyn, and (b) THIS EXCERPT IS READ BY STEVE BUSCEMI. Basically, I almost died. And then I downloaded the mp3 and listened to it. And then I really died. And after dying I replayed it like 20 thousand times. 20 thousand petit morts, I guess we could say.

Except it won’t show up on my Audioscrobbler! I’ve only been listening to it during my commute to and from school. Cos it just sounds better to have an awesome NYC actor reading an excerpt from an awesome NYC novel in the awesome NYC subway, y’know?

Another thing, I totally didn’t realize that Stylus’s Singles Jukebox changed into a blog format. I’m so out of it. The only thing I’ve read at Stylus recently was their Cure vs. Depeche Mode feature. I really liked that feature, mostly because the kid who wrote it (who also happens to be a friend of a friend!) is totally Team Depeche Mode, and I am too. Ugh, off to another tangent. What I meant to say is that I don’t know what to think of the new Singles Jukebox. It’s good, but it’s not the same. On the other hand, who cares, it’s one of the indie few places where pop songs are taken seriously!

You should definitely go to the Salon website and download that Steve Buscemi shit, it’s the most exciting thing I’ve heard in the past couple of weeks. And heeeeeere’s Johnny Cash, who I guess was on Team Depeche Mode, too:

Johnny Cash – “Personal Jesus


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