Wassup Rockers

I’ll Fight You Just to Get Peace.

I know you’re not gonna believe me but I’ll tell you anyway: I saw a train car with graffiti on it. I don’t mean scratches or acid tags. I mean it was spraypaint on the mo’fuckin’ train. I just stared at the train and was like, “WHA??” It was an E, I think. I don’t remember what the tag was, and it wasn’t even all that, but I remember it was outlined blue and filled in with yellow. They were bubbly letters. So that was a pleasant surprise, it really was.

Today I had to do a presentation in class and I felt totally ridiculous about having chosen the topic I chose. My paper’s on reggaetón and funk carioca, y’see. I managed to stammer like a moron through the entire presentation, but I think I must have said something half-smart because I saw people nodding approvingly at things I was saying. I think my prof actually danced in his seat when I played some Deize Tigrona. I sort of talked shit about M.I.A., too, so that was exciting.

I think my favorite part of my presentation was talking about why I love Ivy Queen. Basically, I love that she looks like a drag queen. I know this may be off-putting for some of you but lemme explain. I love that she doesn’t try to act masculine, that she doesn’t necessarily try to be one of the guys. If anything, she looks like a male-to-female transgender individual. The fact that she’s weirdly androgynous yet accepted in the reggaetón community fascinates me and really warms my heart. Of course my only problem is that I wish she wasn’t an exception to the boys club that is the reggaetón scene, I wish there were way more women making noise.

I forgot to talk about so much stuff, though. I was so nervous I just wanted to talk really fast and get it over with.

Here are the tracks I played in class:

Ivy Queen – “Yo quiero bailar
Deize Tigrona – “Injeção


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