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Eye Love Adrian Tomine.

I read Optic Nerve #11. It was pretty good, but as any Adrian Tomine work, it sort of makes your heart die a li’l bit after finishing the comic. There’s this one panel in the comic that made me cry. It was just so pathetic I couldn’t help myself.

If you’re unfamiliar with Adrian Tomine, you should really check him out. He’s published several books that collect his Optic Nerve works. He is often compared to Raymond Carver. Shit, I almost wrote Raymond Chandler. I’ve never read either Raymond, so that shows you how ignant I am. What else? Tomine’s work features clean lines, and impeccable lettering.

The most surprising thing when I read Optic Nerve #11, however, was that I laughed. It was a loud, ugly belly laugh. I can’t believe it. I’ve never done that when reading Tomine’s work. It’s just not that kind of material. But it was a lovely feeling, I admit.

FYI, if you’re gonna buy #11, you should get #9 and #10, they’re all part of the same story arc. Or you could wait until the fall, when the three comics will be bound together into one collection. But I take Tomine’s love in real small doses, I can’t handle his work all at once.

My random track of the day is Venetian Snares‘s version of “Gloomy Sunday,” which samples Billie Holiday’s version of the song. I’m thinking of writing about this song for a class project.

Venetian Snares – Öngyilkos vasárnap


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