Wassup Rockers


YES! I RULE THE WORLD. I finally got my hands on the latest Volován album, Monitor. In truth, this album was released a few months ago, but there hasn’t been much buzz over it, especially not in the US. Back when The Strokes were supposed to be cool (lol, remember??), Volován were dubbed “the Mexican Strokes.” They even had US distribution and shit!! Their self-title first album was a solid pop album and I’m still baffled that they never became famous, not even south of the border. Even worse, I think on In-D* they said that the band’s label folded or dicked them over o algo así, no estoy segura. Maybe you can look it up on the In-D YouTube archives. But basically, the band never got a fair chance to take over the world!

Speaking of bands that were dubbed as “the next Strokes,” Los Bunkers (they were “the Chilean Strokes”) are releasing a live DVD in the US. It comes out tomorrow! God bless, Nacional Records. Plus, it’s gonna include their videos, so I’m definitely thinking of buying it. I’m sick of watching the muthafuckin’ “Miño” video on YouTube!

Another exciting release tomorrow is the new Calle 13. HOLY SHIT! I have been waiting for this piece of crap for months now. It’s pretty much the only album I’ve been waiting for and it’s finally coming out! I can’t wait to hear the track with Tego Calderón. Even better, I love the arrangements that Visitante creates. I love Residente but we all know the real magician in the group is Visitante. Jon Pareles has already given his blessing to the new album… I can’t decide whether this is good or not. Can you imagine el viejo listening to this album? And seriously, did he get a translator to explain all the dirty lyrics? LOLLERSK8S!!!!!

So here are some tracks you can listen to while you recover from my abuse of exclamation marks:

Volován – Monitor
Volován – Flor primaveral (from their first album)
Los Bunkers – Ven aquí (from their most recent, Vida de Perros)
Calle 13 – Tango del pecado

*In-D’s not that great of a show but I still like watching it. It helps me keep up with Mexican stuff. Plus, la VJ Reclu is mad cute.


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