Wassup Rockers

Please Hold.

Hey bitches,

Been a bit busy. See there’s this thing called “school” and I for some goddamn mysterious stupid ass reason give a damn about my grades. Can you believe it? I’m way too old to still care so much about getting As. Or in my case, hoping for Bs, haha.

Here’s a few songs. One by my favorite Afro-Filipino soul singer, Joe Bataan; another recent one from the Calle 13; and probably my most played song this week, “Tren al Sur” by one of my favorite new wave bands ever, Los Prisioneros.

Joe Bataan – Young, Gifted and Brown
Calle 13 – Un beso de desayuno
Los Prisioneros – Tren al Sur

Be back soonish,

PS: Apparently Joe Bataan is the dad of the girl who won a spot as a Pussycat Doll recently. Not sure if this is true but damn.

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