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Good Night Alice Concert @ Alice Tully Hall

On Monday night I was my relative’s +1 for this event that was held at Lincoln Center. I went cos there’s only so much low brow pop music I can take and it’s like, fuck, if it’s free who cares if they’re gonna play classical and jazz, right? So basically, the Alice Tully Hall at Lincoln Center was being closed for renovations, so the Lincoln Center people organized a concert for their biggest donors. I think almost everyone present had donated at least $50000 worth.

My relative and I were exceptions to the rule. It was an odd experience. Like being a geek in high school: you know you’re not in the in crowd, but you’re so not jealous of the people who are in and don’t care to try. I just watched, a wallflower. So many white rich people! This is the sort of event that is featured in the last page of the Sunday Styles section in the New York Times. Y’know, boldfaced names to go along with pictures of rich people smiling at the camera. In fact, the media were there snapping away at the more notorious faces.

It was such a surreal experience, like watching a movie, really. You see things like that in movies where people are having balls or parties and everyone is mingling and laughing and going “Darling how are you doing blah blah.” People drank and some people looked ~*FABULOUS*~ and some people were a sad reminder that money can’t buy you a good sense of style. My relative and I didn’t speak to anyone. There were so many little old white ladies.

This concert, above all, was a way of telling the donors “Look, your contributions are really making a difference, thanks for everything!!!!!” They even showed a little montage of the renovation plans, which was pretty cool.

The concert itself was pretty fantastic though I was disappointed by two of the acts. One was Laurie Anderson, whose stuff I didn’t care for. To me, she sounded like an old person trying to do cool edgy young stuff. It was clever enough, but not as clever as everyone was making it out to be. I know, I’m an asshole who has no respect for established artistes like her.

The other act I disliked was the last person, a female singer who was in Light in the Piazza. A Broadway singer–oy! And it’s not to say that all B’way singers are like this, but lemme rant: technique over emotion doesn’t cut it for me. She sounded fantastic, the tone was impeccable. But did I care for it? Uh fuck no. It all felt very camera-ready, even the hand motions felt choreographed. So much artifice.

I especially disliked that she went on after Wynton Marsalis, meaning he was billed 2nd. WHAT? This is was muthafuckin’ Wynton Marsalis! The man gets no respeck. But he did sound amazing. And I’d never ever seen a jazz drummer live before, so that was really sweet for me.

Philip Glass performed too! Played the piano a bit. I can’t believe how lucky I am to say that I’ve seen him live. I loved it.

I think my favorites were the Juilliard Orchestra. They were so young and professional. But at the same time they were so into it. Plus, they played one of my favorite songs ever from my most favorite musical ever: “Mambo” from West Side Story. I almost died from happiness because it was totally unexpected. To hear the percussion in a room with such great acoustics was mind-blowing. I’d be totally satisfied if I never went to another concert. God muthafuckin’ damn. It was pretty cool to be there for the Alice Tully Hall’s last night, too.

Apparently it’ll take 18 months to open again. We’ll see if they stay on schedule!

Here‘s a review of the event on the NYT website.

Leonard Bernstein – Dance at the Gym (from West Side Story) [includes “Mambo”]


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