Wassup Rockers

My Heart’s in a Whirl!

I took a vacation. By vacation I mean I stayed in for four entire days watching TV and sitting on my ass. It was amazing, but I won’t be doing it again any time soon.

Yesterday I saw Neil Sedaka on TV. I don’t remember the show, but I was damn excited to see him! I love him because he wrote pretty awesome pop songs and, well, he’s sorta ugly. He performed “Breaking Up is Hard to Do,” which I guess has aged better than my favorite song of his has.

My favorite song by him is “Calendar Girl” which is embarrassing and backwards lyrically (the way “Hips Don’t Lie” is embarrassing lyrically!), but its structure and melody are to die for! I like how it starts with the chorus and the twelve months are discussed in three tidy verses discussing four months in each verse. Oh man, and does that melody just get stuck in your head or what? YEAH IT DOES.

Neil Sedaka – Calendar Girl

Or here’s the video, which is really just terrible. Boy, Laura Mulvey would have a field day watching this.


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