Wassup Rockers

Recently Seen.

Here’s two things I’ve checked out in the past few days.

UCB Theater – The Rejection Show “Duo-tacular”

I went cos my friend’s uncle was performing. He was also partner-less for this special edition of The Rejection Show; everyone else was paired up. The show was really short, but it was pretty funny… except for when it sucked. I think the great thing was hearing the rejection stories, especially when the duos realized how lame their ideas ended up being. The rejected material itself was hit-or-miss. There were some really hilarious bits, though, and it totally made up for the lamer parts. The band that played was pretty good, my favorite part was when they played the hook to “Ghetto Supastar”.

But the best part of this entire show: my friends and I just happened to sit behind these navy sailor types who laughed uncomfortably at all the gay jokes in the show. HA!

Hot Fuzz


Also, Simon Pegg looked surprisingly good. Seriously. I almost felt attracted to him. Dude, and Steve Coogan was so brilliant, I love him.

The movie was so fucking British, there was this whole shit about “hoodies“. Also, there were a lot of old people in the movie, but they were all ridiculously cool.

One thing that I missed from Shaun of the Dead: the constant pop culture references. But the film was genuinely funny, and the action parts were really exciting, plus the buddy movie shit was totally endearing. Do go check out the movie.


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