Wassup Rockers

Books and People More Famous than You.

What I learned yesterday: how to pronounce “Chabon” (as in Michael)

I really want to read the Yiddish Policemen’s Union, but I’m probably going to have to (a) wait for the paperback, which is cheaper than the hardcover, or (b) wait for the library to order it, which is free but there’s probably gonna be 5 million people requesting it. We’ll have to see.

Actually, I just checked and the NYPL has ordered 255 copies of Chabon’s new book. That would be great news except that there are currently 636 requests for it. Actually, I’m the 636th person, last in line. Sheesh, whatever happened to people no longer reading books?? It’ll probably come out in paperback before I can even get a copy from the library.

Semi-celeb spotted yesterday: Sean Lennon

I know, it’s totally random. I wasn’t even sure it was him because he had this massive beard, but I asked my friend and she confirmed it was him. He was in a fly suit and walking with a lady friend.

It’s weird living in New York City because it really warps your sense of “celebrity.” By that I mean that a lot of the “sightings” I’ve had have never been really famous people. Y’know, a few Strokes, some Interpol-ers, a couple of Blonde Redhead-ers, a Yeah Yeah Yeah (couple of weeks ago in front of Whole Foods!), etc.

My one celebrity disappointment is that I’ve never seen Mr. Big; I guess he doesn’t count as a sighting since everyone else has seen him, but I feel like I’ve been robbed of a genuine NYC experience. On the other hand, I have seen James Iha multiple times, so I guess that makes up for not bumping into Mr. Big. I did see Christina Ricci once, and once I was in DUMBO and Julianne Moore was there filming a movie.

Even when you do see these people, you never really bother them. You realize, what’s the point? Sometimes I have felt compelled to say something. But even then, you try not to be annoying. Cos you realize they’re just people and there’s no point in putting them on pedestals, right?


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