Wassup Rockers

Addendum to Appy Polly Loggies.

OMGWTF, that last post was not what I meant to write. Well, I mean everything I said and I like Gepe and Ely Guerra and DJ Raff, definitely check out the songs, buuuuut I really wanted to write a post about Undeclared and for some reason when I got to my “Write Post” page I forgot because I was watching Javiera Mena videos on YouTube.

Anyway, yesterday I watched Undeclared for the first time ever since the fucking show was cancelled. Yes, it’s still a sore spot in my heart, though props to Judd Apatow for getting on the cover of The New York Times Magazine today. Congrats dude! Old people know who you are! Well I was scared to watched Undeclared again because Freaks & Geeks is so good, but watching it I was happy to discover that Undeclared really WAS hilarious and it’s aged really well!

More importantly, I totally forgot that Loudon “Rufus’s Papa” Wainwright was totally on the show and was AWESOME on it. ILU LOUDON WAINWRIGHT THE THIRD!

[This isn’t the song shown in the episode; it was an outtake.]

Loudon Wainwright – The Doctor


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