Wassup Rockers

Appy Polly Loggies.


Ahem. Back to the music.

Let’s see, I was at Super 45* and this album review fascinated me so I hunted down the album and I have to say I’m impressed. Y’see, I’ve heard some of Gepe‘s stuff and I thought it was good but not my thing. I found him too much of a boring singer-songwriter at times. But it’s like I can’t deny him anymore, I really like Hungría! So to the dude in Gepe: my bad.

Another person who deserves an apology from me is Ely Guerra. I feel bad, I know part of it had to do with the fact that she’s ~*SO DAMN PRETTY*~. I dismissed her as a lightweight and I admit she doesn’t ROCK OUT like some people, but what the hell, she still writes solid material. And from what I can tell, she’s a pretty good performer too. Too bad she’s had trouble finding her audience.

In addition, I’ve been listening to this dude named DJ Raff, who has pretty much worked with all the people who matter in Chilean hip-hop. Really nice stuff, he’s more of a studio mastermind I think.

Gepe – Hebra prima

Ely Guerra – Bésame

DJ Raff – Break it Like U 1

*You should also check out Super 45’s recent “New Sounds of 2007” feature, though part of me can’t believe they chose Valentina Fel as one of their winners. It’s weird, I love that cheapass funk carioca sound but for some reason I’m not down with her stuff.

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