Wassup Rockers

Canción de Lejos.

Look at this video. It’s Los Bunkers doing a li’l bit of “Llueve sobre la ciudad” and a li’l bit of “Miño”. Like five or six years ago, I heard about them through some fellow Strokes fans and thought they were pretty cool. But a funny thing happened, their official website died in the ass for a while. And since they weren’t a big band, of a modest following in Chile only, there wasn’t a lot of press about them online. Blogs weren’t as big as they are now, either. I had no idea what the fuck had happened to them. So every now and then I wondered: had I imagined this band? Or did they exist for a little bit and break up, like a million other unknown bands do everyday?

Then another funny thing happened. Their website came back to life. I can’t explain how fucking happy I was. Not only did it show me that they weren’t a figment of my imagination, I also realized how cool their music truly was. They were back, and better than ever. Right now they’re one of the hottest groups in Chile. Like two or three years ago they were invited to play the festival in Viña (trust me, it’s a big fucking deal), but they didn’t get the billing they wanted, so they said, “No thanks, we’ll do it if we can headline.” Sure enough, they got even bigger and they got to play a sweet set at the festival earlier this year. Insane.

So watch that video. You see all those people? They know all the words to both songs. Brilliant. Sometimes I feel really alone because none of my friends know what I’m talking about, but seeing stuff like that is heartwarming. I’m glad Los Bunkers exist, and that they’re good, and that they’ve got a solid fanbase.

Hope their material doesn’t deteriorate.

Y miren qué chistosos, también…


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