Wassup Rockers

Summer in the City.

First: I gave up and bought The Yiddish Policemen’s Union. It was on sale, that’s why. Moreover, I checked my library account and apparently I’d only moved up from spot #636 to #477. Not much of an improvement. Amazingly enough, there are about 900 people at the moment awaiting a copy of the novel. Wow. If only this city wasn’t filled with (1) cheap bastards, (2) pretentious farts who like ambitious literary works, (3) long-time fans of Michael Chabon, (4) people who still read the book review section even though newspapers wanna get rid of them, and (5) Jewish people. Oh well, I bet the number of holds for the last Harry Potter is longer, which is a depressing thought.

Second: I got a second job; I will be an usher at Shakespeare in the Park this summer. My friend hooked me up. They’re going to do Romeo and Juliet and A Midsummer Night’s Dream. I get paid minimum wage but I don’t mind it since I already have my first job. The first performance is on Tuesday and I’m scared that I’m gonna have a lot of high-maintenance people bother me on the first day. I don’t even know how to get around the theater yet!

What’s brilliant is that I’m only staying through the first act, so I’m never gonna see Romeo and Juliet die!

The hilarious thing is, Lauren Ambrose is playing Juliet, and just a few days ago I attempted to watch Can’t Hardly Wait for the first time. She didn’t look as good as a teenager as she does now, even though (oddly enough) she still looks like a teenager. The movie itself is pretty terrible, which is why I had to just stop it and I’ve spent the past couple of days recovering from how terrible it is. Not sure whether I wanna finish watching it. No seriously, absolutely horrendous. Not as bad as the trainwreck that is Empire Records, but still one of the worst late-90’s teensploitation movies I’ve seen. Just go watch Six Feet Under if you like Lauren Ambrose.


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