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I Can’t Even Think Straight.

It’s been nice not going online much. I’m pretty exhausted but it’s nice being able to watch the first half of Romeo and Juliet every night. Anyway, one thing that’s been ticking me off is this feature the New York Times published about Rufus Wainwright a few days ago. See, a few years ago, during the Want era, they did a big feature on him and the headline was “Rufus Wainwright Journeys to ‘Gay Hell’ and Back.” Rufus got shit for that; people got upset because the article made it seem like teh gheyz do nothing except get high on crystal meth and have unprotected sex. Anyway, this most recent article is tamer, but the headline still irks me: “The Superfabulous World of Rufus Wainwright.” I don’t understand why the need to make it so obvious that he’s gay. I know “fabulous” is a regular word, but you have to admit there are certain connotations of queerness attached to the word, especially if you tack on a fucking “super” in front of it!

Like I understand he is gay, and I understand everything he does is over the top, but I don’t understand why they correlate his grandiose musical vision with the fact that he’s gay. I really just think that (1) he’s a megalomaniac (and I mean that in the nicest way possible cos I do love him) and (2) he’s a really awesome songwriter. C’est tout. I don’t think his sexual orientation has as much to do with his music as everyone makes it out to be and I wish the press wouldn’t dwell on that so much.

I know, I’m totally overreacting.

Oh, and in more queer news: the dude from Grey’s Anatomy who used the f-word was totally fired from his job. Nice. Especially because in news reports about this story, they stopped actually saying the f-word and have been using terms like “gay slur” instead.

Here, some music!

Rufus Wainwright – April Fools
Rufus Wainwright – Rebel Prince
Rufus Wainwright (zomg, again!) – Dinner at Eight


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