Wassup Rockers


At work last night, our supervisor showed up to tell us ushers that she had great news.  So someone asked, “You mean the Spice Girls reuniting?”  Our supervisor agreed that this was great news, but she really meant we’re gonna get free ponchos for when it rains.  We’ve gotten rained out several times; we even cancelled last night’s show as well as on Wednesday.  Technically, a little rain isn’t too bad, but there’s been lightning too, and that’s dangerous.  It’s great not having to work as late but it gets tedious waiting for the weather to get better, and it’s disappointing not to see the actual performance.  I saw one of the crew people approach the leads last night to confirm that the show really was cancelled, and they looked  pretty bummed as well.  But I feel especially bad for the people who lined up for hours to get tickets.

Speaking of the Spice Girls, time has really proven that “Wannabe” is a terrible song.  But “Say You’ll Be There” has aged surprisingly well


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