Wassup Rockers

MoCCA fest 2007.

Holy moly!!  I just watched the new Amerie vid!!  For “Gotta Work”!  Here!  My token hip-hop friend sent it to me.

So last Saturday I had a ~*JAMMIN’*~ time at the MoCCA festival.  I got to meet Alison Bechdel (I also went to a panel she led which was really interesting), and I got a book signed by Adrian Tomine (it was 32 Stories), and I bought Epileptic and these other David B. books called Babel.  I haven’t gotten to the latter comics yet but I did finish 32 Stories and it was fantastic.  It’s also weird to see how much Adrian Tomine’s lettering improved over time.  These Finnish comic book artists showed up, too, which was really cool but their books were expensive (and mostly in Finnish) so I only took this free booklet with their bios.  Their work seems really beautiful and I hope to check it out eventually.  I also saw a poster announcing that the Persepolis movie is coming out this fall!  I hope it’s good.  I think it will be, because I think the Iranian government or something has already condemned it, or something like that.  Haha.  Seriously, don’t they have better things to do, like running their country?


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