Wassup Rockers

Four for the Fourth.

Brilliant. I got sick right on time for Independence Day. I woke up at 7, felt awful and then woke up again past noon. Damn. So much lost time, though I guess I would have spent it online watching YouTube vids. But I hope everyone (in the US) is enjoying a fine hot dog or three.

The video above is Javiera Mena being interviewed on some Mexican cable show called Konec-TV (they’re on the same channel as In-D).

Here’s a few songs that have nothing to do with the fourth of July, but they’re still made by fairly indie artists. A li’l bit of rock, a li’l bit of rap, some pop and… some dub. Today is a U.S. holiday, but these artists aren’t necessarily from the U.S.

Los Abandoned – Van Nuys es Very Nice
Edan (featuring Insight) – The Science of the Two
Javiera Mena – Sol de invierno
Tabby Cat Kelly – Don’t Call Us Immigrants

This last song is so beautiful. I love it to pieces. The way the song is manipulated (with whatever magical studio tricks) is pretty awesome, too.


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