Wassup Rockers

¿Qué Onda Y’all?

So how have your LAMC experiences been so far? I know a number of you have been googling the LAMC recently and ended up here. Well, my experience so far has been pretty non-existent. It sucks not having money for a badge (I’m geeky and I would totally attend the panels if I could). It sucks being under 21, too, so I can’t really go to the ~*EXCLUSIVE*~ parties. It also sucks realizing that this event might actually be a big deal when you find out that tickets for Mala Rodríguez (for that Bowery Ballroom showcase) are “no longer available on Ticketweb.” Oy! I admit it’s totally my fault for hesitatin’, but when did the conference become a big deal? Sigh. It’s aight, I’m going to watch Transformers with my friend tomorrow, forget you fools who are lucky enough to have badges/tickets!

Honestly, I heard that Zoé had to cancel their Apple Store set because their gear didn’t arrive on time and I felt giddy inside… I figured if I couldn’t see them, no one should be able to either. :/ I’m a douchebag, it’s true. But their show at Prospect Park is still on!! And I can’t wait to see them. I’m just glad Shakespeare in the Park is on break maintenant. Having two jobs pays well, but it’s kinda stressful handing out programs to people like Vanessa Redgrave and trying not to FREAK OUT about it.

The biggest news I have today is that I learned how to type accents on my laptop. I’ve never had a laptop before so this is quite a revelation.

+ Some recommended reading:
Sergio Vodanovic (especially Viña)
Etgar Keret


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