Wassup Rockers

Movies @ MoMA + Transformers Reviewed.

Hey dudes and dudettes and others,

I found out that the MoMA is doing this film series called Premiere Brazil, and they’re showing this documentary on Tom Zé, among other movies. You should definitely check it out. I can’t go to the Tom Zé movie specifically, but I’ll probably go to one of the others, since they sound really interesting.

Saw Transformers today. It was okay. To elaborate, I understand that action movies aren’t exactly the most plot-conscious (“Okay so there are these glasses and robots and this cube with funny writing on it and also Pino from Do The Right Thing just shows up in the middle of the movie…”), but it’s like I didn’t even understand the battle scenes. It was kinda hard to follow which robots were the goodies and which were the baddies. I totally don’t get what happened to the bad robot at the end. Sorry I’m not using the specific names of the robots, I’m tired right now.

Actually, I followed most of the plot up until the last 30 to 40 minutes of the movie–it’s not that the plot got confusing, it’s more like the folks involved with the movie gave up on plot structure completely and tried to make up for it with explosions and (very) cool special effects.

This is one of the most hetero 12- to 34-year-old male oriented movie I’ve been to in a while. The dialogue was, at times, totally pulled out of the writer’s ass and not at all realistic. It was like what an old person thinks teenagers say these days. I literally laughed at some of the scenes just by the way they were constructed, especially the ones with the love interest girl in them. I can’t remember the love interest’s name, and I don’t know who the hell she is in real life, but she’s really not gonna have much of a career based on this movie alone. Totally not memorable, and even worse, there was NO chemistry between her and Shia at all. Terrible. The least sexy love interest I’ve seen since Katie Holmes in that Batman movie.

After you take a media criticism class in college, you can’t watch movies like these and not laugh your ass off at all the product placement, use of sexuality, etc. You also can’t help sounding like a total pretentious ass when reviewing movies like these.

There was one incredible highlight though: Shia LaBoeuf was fucking awesome, or as much as you could be running around and chilling in you car-robot hybrid. Actually, the running around was boring. It was really great just to see him stammering like a self-deprecating dork. He made a more vulnerable type of hero, a la Tobey Maguire as Peter Parker, and I really thought he played it well. Like, you still thought it was cool, and you could see why he was special enough to be That One Dude Who Gets To Hang With All The Robots, even though his character was mad dorky. It would definitely be cool to see him in more substantial roles. But I’m also glad he got paid to run around in a Strokes shirt.

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