Wassup Rockers

Zoé, The Pinker Tones + Cuarto Poder @ Prospect Park (Celebrate Brooklyn).

I guess I missed the announcement, if there was any, but Chetes was a no show last night. This was even more puzzling because his bio in the program says he’s moved to Brooklyn. So I really don’t know what happened.

I got there around 7:15 but the music had already started! And then I was really shocked because there were seats! Most of them were empty, but by the time Zoé came on there were probably a few thousand people. There was also a grassy area in the back where a lot of people were chillin’ and picnic-in’. I didn’t dig the set up too much, because there was a huge press pit, which stayed fairly empty because VIP people have no gratitude for having ~*SUPER SPECIAL WRISTBANDS*~.

Cuarto Poder subbed for the pop singer-songwriter, and you know what? Ultimately, this was a much better lineup. There were hundreds of empty seats at that point but Cuarto Poder, who hail from Venezuela, gave a really good show. At first I was like, “Oh yeah, I’m totally missing the Calle 13 show right now, boohoohoo,” but Cuarto Poder won me over! They were totally cute. I’m sure as hip-hoppers they’ll be a little offended by my use of the word “cute,” but I swear I mean it in the best sense possible. Their songs were fun, energetic, and they worked hard to engage the audience. They had two guys dancers, too. I’m surprised they didn’t have scantily-clad women as dancers, but shoot, I’m not complaining, the dudes were good-looking and they had obviously practiced a lot. The whole group seemed focused and professional and I appreciated that. Oh, and the DJ was really cool, he also played bass and I think guitar and he sang a bit too. Good times.

The Pinker Tones (from Spain) were okay. I was surprised because I kept thinking they were a duo, but then three of them showed up, hahaha. I was actually really tired by that point and since they’re pretty much a DJ group, they mixed their songs so that the entire set felt like one looooong song. Even worse, I have a short attention span, so having them play one looooong song was brutal to sit through. No, I wasn’t dancing. The music was fun, I guess. I just… it was goofy to just watch. They seemed to be having a lot of fun, but they were dancing and jumping around like they were still pimply 17-year-olds in their rooms dancing awkwardly to their favorite techno records. At the same time, I found them a lot more fun live than what I’d heard on record. I do think they tried. I mean, they know that being a DJ standing behind turntables isn’t the most engaging thing in the world, so they had this really elaborate video setup. There was animation, some sort of weird collage work that reminded me of the Manú Chao website (hehe), live action stuff too. They didn’t take themselves too seriously which made them much more likable. It was really funny, they were all wearing jackets and at one point they all decided to take them off, so they threw the jackets behind them, but one of the dude’s jackets hit one of the other DJs right in the face. Overall, I kinda wish I’d just seen them doing a set in some crappy club instead of seeing them in broad daylight, outside.

What can I say about Zoé? They’ve obviously been around for a very long time. The show went pretty flawlessly. My one disappointment: I really wanted to hear “No me destruyas” but I think my expectations were too high… I ended up being underwhelmed. At the same time, most songs sounded fantastic live. Never been a big fan of “Vía lactea” but it was compelling to hear last night! And I didn’t think “Paula” would translate well onto the stage but it was great! It was moving! I wished I hadn’t gone alone and I had someone to hug as I listened to the song!

The singer dude seemed a little out of it. It was as if he really wanted to be THERE but he just needed some substances first. I feel he felt better once he lit a cigarette. He sounded “japi” to be in “Bruclin”. He’s not just flaquito, he’s really gangly. It was fun to watch him moving around the stage. I feel like the band was really enjoying their time here and the singer dude was upset about the press pit (¡yo también, hombre!). He mentioned it was kinda hard when most everyone was so far away, and he was like asking the festival people if the kids couldn’t just jump the barricade and come into the pit. I thought that was really sweet. And eventually for the last song they did allow us reg’lar folk into the pit (I stayed put, I was happy where I was).

Well, the last song was “Love” and I… I don’t know why that song is so addictive. I did think my heart was going to explode, which I didn’t expect at all. Everyone was so happy to hear the song, and people were climbing onto the stage, and the security was busy tackling all the kids, and I think the security were rougher with the guys, but the singer dude was still upset that security was being so lame, and it was even worse because he kept singing about “love, love, love” and here we were with security taking their jobs too seriously. Honestly, I think people who climb the stage and run to the singer and dry hump the singer are totally embarrassing. But the singer dude sounded pretty annoyed and it almost ruined the awesomeness of the song.

What a great night!

And today… Café Tacuba! Gemelos! And a house party, too!


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