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Café Tacuba, Pacha Massive + La Sista @ Central Park Summerstage.

I got to the show exactly at 3 pm and it already started. Damn, these shows in public parks are so punctual. The line wasn’t very long either, so I got in pretty quickly.

La Sista was so-so. She had a big stage presence, but it was the same kind of hip-hop shout-out crap, y’know, “Where my ladies at?! How many boricuas we got out here today?!?! I can’t hear you!! Blah blah blah.” She was so busy in between songs it felt like she only had like four songs. She kept asking where people were from, and she had a few people jump up and dance. The reggaetón was okay. But! She did bring out these women dancing to bomba! That was really fun to watch. I love the dresses they wear, except I felt bad for them since it was so hot!

Pacha Massive were also so-so. Mostly it’s because I don’t care for their jam band world music sound. Boooooring. This is not the type of music to hear when it’s really hot and there’s a lot of people and you’re getting antsy waiting to see ~*THE MOST IMPORTANT BAND FROM MEXICO*~. I was surprised because the Pacha Massive folk mostly spoke in English. But the thing that really drove me mad? I can’t figure out how to pronounce “Pacha.” I say it the way it’s written, emphasis on the first syllable. But other people kept saying “Pachá,” emphasis on the second syllable. I feel like I’m right, but still…

So! Café Tacuba! itfapoq8409qmdlsknss4a9047qks!!!11!!!uno!! I’d never seen them before so I was totally ecstatic! I feel like I can die a little bit more in peace now. Haha.

The biggest pity was how rough the crowd was. I mean, Latino men tend to get stereotyped for being all macho and all sorts of heterosexist but you should have seen the huge mosh pit. All those sweaty dudes slamming, many of them shirtless and some of them in lucha libre masks (¡uy! ¡qué kinky!)… can you say homoerotic? But not in a cool way. Like there were so many people trying to get out of the way and not get hurt, but their stomping around got the dust on everyone. I kept coughing and when I blew my nose, my snot was brown. Yuck, I know.

But wait, I haven’t spoken about the music! Oh man! It was so effortless coming from them. It was so beautiful. And they seemed so happy to be there! Rubén is so funny, he came out wearing a white suit (muy David Byrne) and this white hat that totally covered his eyes. Except there were these slits on the hat so in reality he was able to see just fine and grin and jump around and be awesome. Aw, he’s so adorable, I loved his braids. OMG and Joselo totally cut his hair! He looks like a dad!

Well, the running joke through the concert was that Rubén kept saying that they’re all viejitos now. It bummed me out a little bit cos I was like, “So what, are you going to retire now?” But when they did their little boy band dance for “Déjate caer” I was like, “Viejitos my ass, you’re at your peaks!!!” Oh man, and I love love loved “Las flores”! They played that new song they’ve been trying out live, which was really pretty and makes me very excited about the next record! The crowd got really crazy during “La ingrata” so I couldn’t really dance to it, though, so that makes me really sad.

I was also kinda sad because I could hardly see Meme, who’s my favorite. I know that sounds silly because he’s like the tallest one, but I just couldn’t see the keyboards and stuff because of where I was standing. But then!! For the “encore,” Rubén was nowhere to be found, and instead, Meme came to the mic! And sang “Eres”! So I think that was my favorite performance of the day. It wasn’t the song; I do love “Eres” but the performance wasn’t that cathartic, it was just fantastic to see Meme. He’s adorable.

Haha, okay, this post is getting a bit too fan girl-y now. To conclude: not the best lineup out there, and the crowd was insufferable, but Café Tacuba were totally totally worth it. Great stage presence, gracious, and the music was fantastic.


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  1. * laurap718 says:

    So who exactly are YOU? Wassup Rockers is not a name although it is a safe “place” to hide when a “person?” is soooooo biased. Man!!!!! are you a latino hater or what????? Do you really know anything about music???? or are you god’s gift to the world to berate latin upcoming stars and artists. Tone it down bro!!!! the sun shines for everyone NOT JUST FOR YOU. Live and let live, or rather, get a life!!! and if you don’t like latinos, then just don’t write about their music…..spill your poison elsewhere dude!!!!!

    | Reply Posted 10 years, 9 months ago

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