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Singers and Songwriters.

At the end of last year I found out about Britta Persson and, although I found her to be one of those potentially boring, quiet singer-songwriter girls à la Feist, I became obsessed with this under-2 minute ditty called “You Are Not My Boyfriend.” The video for this song left me with mixed feelings, sure (Peptobysmol targeting the indie-pop crowd!!). But when I hear that song I love the intensity and I could play it over and over and over. I thought she’d be pretty much forgotten, but I read recently that she came over to the US of A, so I guess that’s cool.

To be honest, I had forgotten her for the most part, so imagine the surprise when my mp3 player started playing “Bellamy Straat Straat.” I had no recollection of the song but it sucked me in and now I can’t stop thinking about it. I’m glad I didn’t delete the album after listening to it just a couple of times.

Another singer-songwriter dude worth checking out–and I do feel like he’s absolutely underrated–is Leo Quinteros. He’s already been around a bit and I adored his first two albums. But I never hear buzz about him, I wonder why. Maybe he’s not from Concepción? Conce is considered the big indie rock scene in Chile. Or maybe he’s not chillin’ with all those hyped up Quemasucabeza kids? I dunno, either way, he’s not getting proper uh, props.

His new song (on MySpace) “Por ahí van” is kinda weird but really catchy! It makes me really excited about his next album.

Britta Persson – Bellamy Straat Straat
Leo Quinteros – Tu Show


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