Wassup Rockers

Folie a Deux.

Weird, PBS is showing this Spanish movie called El espíritu de la colmena maintenant and it sort of reminds me of Gemelos, the play I saw last week. It’s not like the two works have much in common, but both are stories about two sets of siblings who seem to live in their own world and are resourceful, and it’s during wartime.

I haven’t really been following the movie (as I’m busy typing and all) but I definitely plan on checking it out of the library if they have it.

Anyway. I’ve been meaning to write about Gemelos, which was presented by the Compañía Teatro Cinema. I just don’t knkow what to say about it. I’ve been thinking about it all week. I’m barely coherent in any of the languages I know; I don’t really have the vocabulary to explain how it made me feel. The ticket was an impulse purchase, after reading a review, but I ended up with a front row ticket anyway. I was so sad the entire time. I was tired from the Café Tacuba show, and the story was so beautifully told. I was pleased that it wasn’t just a beautiful presentation and that the content of the play was good, too. This was a really sad bildungsroman, at first the twins are really cute, but then they start doing stuff that’s clearly not right. I did laugh (¡en carcajadas!) in some parts. I’ve never been to such a minimal yet complicated staging. It was like a mini-theater on the stage. There were only three of them, two men and one woman. The acting was compelling. There was pretty music and puppets and… and I don’t know. It was, in some ways, very artificial, as if to say “Yes, you are watching a play and we are only actors with props and scenery changes,” but I got so sucked in and the message of the play felt even more real. I just felt so overwhelmed and I felt so alone. I knew from the first minute I’d be unable to explain the play to anyone I met, and I wished so badly that someone had share this experience with me, that they’d seen all the beautiful things I saw. I felt so alone.


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