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Yes, I Live Under A Rock.

Some short bits.

Junot Diaz’s second book is finally coming out!!! The release date is September 6. So excited! Why is this exciting? Cos his last fucking book, his only book, came out so long ago it was still the last century. It was so long ago I probably hadn’t even gone through puberty, okay? It was so long ago I probably didn’t even know enough English to read his motherfuckin’ book yo!

Ely “Super Sexy” Guerra is playing a show at the Knitting Factory! On Tuesday! Holy shit! I definitely have to check it out. Even if I’m such a n00b when it comes to her music. She’s so underrated.

– Okay, so I watched like 20 episodes of Entourage this weekend, and it was my very first time ever watching it. I don’t know what the fuck really goes down in LA, so I have a stupid question: do people get commission for flippin’ the bird at one another? No, really. Like I’ve never seen so many people do that before. I can’t even remember the last time I gave someone the middle finger… Also, I know I totally sound like a New Yorker who can’t drive (which is an accurate description of me), but do all these people have to talk on their cells and drive at the same time?

– Look at this dude’s MySpace profile. No label? Is he kidding me? This dude should be rich. RICH, I TELL YOU! Go buy his record here, his name is Felix Cristiani. And then when his songs come on cute telenovelas and shit, you can be like, “Please, I was into him before he sold out,” etc.

– Also, really wanna see This is England, which I think was only recently released here in NYC.


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