Wassup Rockers


Some things I want:

(1) Last night I went on a frantic search for M.I.A.’s Kala, but now I’m not so sure I even want the entire thing. What changed my mind? Her most recent Morning Becomes Eclectic set. What was I thinking? A few weeks ago I downloaded a .zip folder with 30 second, and I deleted it because it was just aight and not as tight as I expected. The only song I really have fond memories of is “Jimmy.” Hehe. I guess I do want to listen to the album but I’m not desperate anymore. The album, I guess, will be good but not really my thing. In her MBE set she’s backed by Cherry, and I think they worked really well together. I didn’t care much for Cherry the last time Maya did a set for MBE, so that was a pleasant surprise. Not a particularly great set, but not a disaster. I don’t know, I really do like Maya’s music but she herself irks me. It’s annoying and taints my opinion of the music at times and it bothers me because I’m aware of my biases. Damn! So much inner conflict!

(2) That muthafuckin’ Junot Díaz! Goddamn! I saw someone with a copy of it today on the train, a paperback copy, which fucking baffles my mind–the book hasn’t been released yet! I want to know where this woman got the book and where can I fucking find a copy?!?! GAHHH!!!

(3) SODA STEREO EN NUEVA YORK.  I need the fucking date for when it’s happening, I need the fucking venue, I NEED A TICKET!

Here’s a couple of songs about wanting…

The Germs – Lexicon Devil

Bikini Kill – I Like Fucking


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