Wassup Rockers

Venezolanos in NYC.

Fuuuuuck.  Fuck.  Fuck.  Fuck.  I just found out Nuuro, my favorite barely legal electropop act, DJ’ed somewhere in the Lower East Side last night and I’m guessing he’s still around especially cos his myspace says his location is now “Caracas/Manhattan” — HOLY SHIT OMGWTFGTFO.  I am perplexed and I totally didn’t expect this.  Of course I’ve been living under a rock.  This news is shaking up my world.  Duuuuude.  I thought it would take years to have him come to the US, I mean isn’t he like 17 or something?  Then again, anything to get out of Chávez-landia, right?  I’m sure Todosantos agree.

Or maybe these people just moved here cos the party scene is “hotter”??


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