Wassup Rockers


Heyyy guess who’s going to see Café Tacuba in November!!! Can’t wait for the album to come out. I’m actually gonna buy it, even if most of it sucks, “Volver a Comenzar” is a beautiful song and worth the money.
Now if only Soda Stereo would hurry over to NYC. They already added a Miami date. Honestly I can’t believe they haven’t arranged and finalized when Soda Stereo are coming to New York. I know I sound like an entitled bitch but I really want to see them! It just bothers me that when Latino (rock) bands come around they play like 5 shows in Cali and Texas but they only do 1 in NYC. Of course it’s different with reggaetón groups, because the market for that genre of music is bigger here so they show a lot of love, but I’m not keen on going to shows for that.

SOB’s has some awesome shows lined up though, including Pistolera/Austin TV for a Día de los Muertos show. My friend Roland mentioned this band Syme to me recently so I decided to check ’em out. At first I was like, “BAH! RIFFIN’ ON AUSTIN TV’S AWESOMESAUCE!” But after giving them another try I realized they’re both very different bands.

I have some great personal news. My dad is finally gonna become a U.S. citizen. My hope is that he will have proper health insurance now. I don’t understand why it took about 7 years of “background checks” (of course it wasn’t really) for them to give him his due. Whatever, I’m happy, especially cos I watched the most recent episode of Ugly Betty and Betty’s dad has mad immigration issues. I know my dad is one of the lucky ones!

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