Wassup Rockers

La Culpable.

To be honest my day started kinda bad. First off, this guy in class asked me, “Where are you from?” Yes, in that tone. “Where are you from?” is my probably my least favorite question ever, not at all like the question “Why don’t you drink?” which I also get asked a lot but is totally reasonable because I choose not to drink and I can see that I’m a rarity, whereas I don’t have control over my ethnic/racial background. I mean I do get annoyed about the question “Why don’t you drink?”, but I always try to explain because it’s a valid question. “Where are you from?”, at least the way people tend to ask me, is NOT a valid question.

God forbid that a person of Asian descent might have been born in the US but grown up in Chile, right?

Shit, motherfucker was trying to act all PC, too, but I still got the follow up question “But where did you live before that?”

Oye descarado, you know why I don’t go around asking you where the fuck you’re from? It’s not because it’s “obvious” by the way I look at you, it’s because I don’t give a shit about you or your pendejadas and I find it totally irrelevant to our classwork. Stop “othering” me already!! I mean what’s next?? Are you gonna ask me if I’m good at math?!?!

Even worse, he totally proved my point. Since he was so indirect about asking me about my ethnicity I asked him directly, “What’s your ethnicity?” He said black Puerto Rican. And then he said, annoyed, “But a lot of people think I’m Dominican, psh!” OH SO YOU DON’T LIKE IT WHEN PEOPLE ASSUME SHIT ABOUT YOU JUST FROM THE WAY YOU LOOK. Funny, I don’t like that either.

To put a cherry on top, after class I went into the dining hall for breakfast and found that they hadn’t put out the real plates and they had styrofoam plates instead. Okay, for a school that has taken so much initiative to be green, I found it unacceptable. They didn’t even have paper plates, and the guilt just hit me way harder than I expected.

Ugh, and while I had breakfast the battery to my fauxPod died.

My day got much better after this. Well I went to Other Music and found out that the cool Asian dude is walking on crutches and shit. I asked him what happened and he explained it was just a sprained ankle. Aw, poor dude. I wonder if he fell off his skateboard cos I’ve seen him skateboarding to work before. Anyway, hope he feels better soon.

I asked if they had the new Caf√© Tacuba, and they didn’t, but they said they’d make a special order! I didn’t even know I could do that. If I’d known I would have asked for more stuff even before that. Like the Todosantos album, or the Nuuro album, or the Javiera Mena, or etc etc etc. Y’know. Actually I probably shouldn’t keep asking for stuff because they probably find it annoying. Anyway, the Other Music jefe said it could arrive as soon as Friday, so I’m looking forward to the CD. He even said that I could probably find the CD at the Virgin, which is correct, but I told them that I’d rather buy it from OM. Once again with the guilt. .. I know, I know, I sound like an Alex Portnoy. Anyway, this is just to say that I love my “local” record store and that it would be a true pity if a place like Other Music had to close. I love love love them to pieces. Okay, I’m going to sleep now.


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