Wassup Rockers

Change of Plans.

You know what happens with plans.  You make them and then they fall apart.  My CMJ experience definitely has not been the way I delineated in my schedule earlier this week.

Like the day before yesterday: at the last minute it dawned on me that I’m totally not qualified to talk about DJs, turntablism, etc, so I decided that I shouldn’t go to the DJ battle at the Knitting Factory.  Instead, I went to the Norway vs. North America show, also at the Knitting Factory.  It was fucking awesome!  The only one I didn’t care for much was Ida Maria and I feel really bad about it because (1) she was so peppy and had the cutest accent when speaking English, and because (2) she was the only female musician the entire fucking night so I feel like I should show solidarity instead of ragging on her.  Le sigh.  But yeah, all the other bands were great.  I think my favorites were Monomen, who were total hotties though I’m not sure if they were of age.  They looked really young is all.

But last night: I went home!  ¿Qué pasó?  Um, on Wednesday in my dorm this pipe burst in the 8th floor, so every floor from the 8th and below was flooded.  The room was fairly dry when I got back, but apparently the maintenance people are worried it might happen again or something, so I had to move out of my room.  I moved all my belongings to another floor and supposedly I will have to stay there for about a week.  Well after sleeping only about 4 hours Wednesday night (or rather, yesterday morning) and having to move out, I was just cranky as fuck and exhausted so now I’m home, like in the Bronx, just trying to repress all thought of the fact that I’m missing the fucking Datarock show.  Ugh, at least I got to see Simian Mobile Disco yesterday, and they were much better than you’d expect an electronic set to be.

Tonight: Def Jux showcase!  I’m not qualified to write about this either, but shh, don’t tell anyone.


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