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Two on Music Journalists and One on People Before They Were Famous

(1) Oh man, I feel so validated!  Kelefa Sanneh digs Sugababes.  Post-Mutya Sugababes, but Sugababes nonetheless.  He likes “About You Now”!  SHUT UP!  I like “About You Now”! ZOMG KELEFA SANNEH LET’S BE BEST FRIENDS.  By the way, I’m getting used to the whole idea of Amelle.  I mean I guess she’s a nice gal, and I think she’s working hard.  No need to overhate, right?  Besides, I totally think that the biggest Sugabitch is Keisha.  Mm-hmm.

When will the bullshit parkour-influenced music videos stop??  At least the ladies are lookin’ fine.
(2)  Hey, speaking of awesome music journalists, have you read Sasha Frere-Jones’s piece on how “indie has lost its soul”?  Looks like someone’s shooting for inclusion in the 2008 edition of Da Capo’s Best Music Writing books, hehehe.  If you’re short on time (god knows I need to finish my midterm right now), just listen to the podcast.  Clickity click.  See, now I can’t fucking wait to see SFJ speak at the New School, cos I’m sure there’ll be a number of questions about this piece.  I think it’s on the first Monday in November.  Y’all should go!

(3) Unrelated: when I was back in the Bronx they were showing The Neverending Story 3, and guess who played the villain?  Jack Black!  Who’d have thought he was gonna end up in romantic movies with Kate Winslet, right?


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