Wassup Rockers


Went to see Lars and the Real Girl. It was a sweet movie. I wouldn’t say it’s life-changing and I found the narrative very straightforward. You know, boy meets life-size sex doll, etc etc. I read somewhere that it was supposed to be a sorta fairy tale, and it really was. It was so cute and the acting was fantastic. I recommend it very highly because (1) Ryan Gosling never fails to be a revelation and I have so much respect for him even though he totally poked Sandra Bullock at one point, and (b) I seriously feel like this movie deserves an Oscar nomination for Best Costume, cos all the sweaters that RyGos has to wear are BANGIN’!!!

Oh yeah, and they played “Genius of Love” and “This Must Be The Place” during a party sequence. It was fucking cool.

The movie was really funny, too! But I feel like it’s not everyone’s sort of humor. This was more awkward “Oh my god you are not fo’ real!!” humor than “LOL.”


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