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On Sunday I went to the WFMU Record Fair, which was fabulous and I saw my favorite Other Music employee and found a copy of “Please Mister Postman” worth $150. Yikes! I only got a live Trini Lopez album, a Silvio Rodriguez album, and a Gary Numan album. I really wanted a Violeta Parra album, but that was like $20. Shit, I hardly got any price discounts! PoutXcore. But it was still really fun!! I can’t wait until next year.

Earlier tonight I went to see Sasha Frere-Jones and I can’t express how disappointed I was. Afterwards my token 90s Indie friend and I tried to figure out what we’d witnessed. I resorted to calling him “douchy” and “very New Yorker,” though my friend really hit it on the mark by simply calling him “smug.” Still think he’s a fantastic writer, it’s just… I don’t think I’d like to go out and party with him. He seems kind of a letdown in that respect.

Some very annoying folks in the crowd. People, I understand that y’all feel a need to present long intros to your questions, but c’mon, how about you just ASK THE QUESTION. And think before asking, too.


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