Wassup Rockers


(+) Went to MoMA to see a screening of Machuca, a Chilean movie from a few years ago. It was hilarious, it was like me and maybe 200 old folks. Uh, so when I was really little, I used to watch this telenovela called Estúpido cupido, which featured this pretty handsome actor named Francisco Reyes, and he was totes in this movie looking really fly even though he had one of those unfortunate 70s pornstaches. I mean when I was little I didn’t think anything of him, but wow, I so would!

The movie itself was really cute (and fucked up and sad!) though I thought it was totally awkward seeing these prepubescent kids pretty much making out with a pubescent girl. I like to tell myself they were only a couple of years apart but honestly, I couldn’t figure out the age difference so who knows?

The most surprising thing about this movie is that they use the word “pendejo” in Chile, too. Word?!?! What’s the point of “pendejo” when you’ve got “huevón”? Oh, I guess the connotation is a bit different for each. But I don’t ever remember using that word, and I always thought it was a North-of-the-Equator word. Seriously. And I figure they’ve been saying pendejo in Chile forever, cos that movie was set in 1973.

(+) Finally got a copy of Nuuro‘s All Clear! Yay!

(+) A few days old, but a fantastic read nonetheless, mostly because it’s probably the only list you’ll read that includes both González Iñárritu and GOB Bluth. Ahhh, too good to be true. Though it’s really annoying that they refer to my González Iñárritu as just “Iñárritu.” Okay, quick lesson on names in Spanish-speaking nations! If you were to look up the director’s name in the phonebook, or some sort of official record (birth, marriage, lo que sea), he’d be listed under “G” and not under “I.” Ugh, I guess I shouldn’t complain too much, at least they got their accents on the right vowels.

(+) I’m going to see Café Tacuba tomorrow!

(+) My mom just found my huge stash of condoms! LOLLERSKATES Y’ALL. She asked me where I got them. I was like, “School!” Practice safe sex, everyone! You don’t wanna end up on Maury, that’s all I’m sayin’.


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